Monday, May 12, 2008

Make Your Eyes POP!

Choose shades of blue, purple, gold, burnt oranges and gray for eyeshadow
Choose a good volumizing & lengthening mascara
Use white liner on the inside of your bottom lid [this also makes your eyes look bigger]
Add regular black liner on top

Choose shades of taupe, lavender, camel, lilac and other shades of browns and purples
Don't overdo the mascara, in this case less is more
Use a darker shadow instead of pencil or liquid liner

Choose shades of lavender, deep mauves, pinks, plums and eggplant.
For a more dramatic look, use darker shades along the crease of your eye.
Choose a good volumizing & lengthening mascara

Choose shades of brownish-pinks, salmon, mauve and purple.
Choose a good volumizing & lengthening mascara
Use liner if desired.

Dark Circles: Causes & Cures

Under eye dark circles are like bruises. Bruises are caused when blood vessels and capillaries are damaged, resulting in a bluish darker pigmentation of the skin. Same goes for dark circles, only you don't have to get hurt. The most common causes are:
*Inadequate Rest
*Poor nutrition

The best way to cover dark circles are to use a concealer or foundation one shade lighter than the one you use for your face just for the under eye area.

*Eye creams [don't let people tell you they don't cure because they do!]
*Vitamin E
*Tea bag [apply a cold used tea bag to the under eye area]
*Stay out of the sun
*Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day

Want healthier hair?

*Make sure your hair is never too clean or too dirty either one can be very damaging. I'd recommend washing your hair every other day.
*Find a conitioner with biotin in it. [Biotin is a vitamin that promotes hair health & growth]
*Use a deep conditioner at least once a week. I find that mixing a few together works best.
*Use a protein &/or heat sealing spray before blowdrying or using any sort of heat [ex: flat iron, curler]

If your hair is damaged from bleaching, dyeing, etc. try the following:

*Cholesterol Treatment [can be purchased at your local beauty supply]
*Hair Mask [can be purchased basically anywhere]
*Hot oil treatment [Beauty supply]
*Hair Mayonaise [beauty supply, walmart, target,etc]

Do it yourself at home remedies:

*Cover your hair with mayonaise, sleep with it on over night & wash it out in the morning.
*Mix 1tablespoon of honey with an egg, cover your hair with it, and let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse it out
*Mash an avocado, add some olive oil, apply to your hair & rinse out after a few minutes